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Independently made video games, beginning from when Rachel was 12! :o
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Rachel began making game programming tutorials back in 2008 on YouTube, and since then, has taught various workshops for kids, as well as taught college-level Computer Science courses. Rachel believes that knowledge should be free and open, and makes their resources publicly available.
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Zines and Comics

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Constructed Languages

All constructed language content (Esperanto, Láadan, etc.) is located on the separate Áya Dan Conlangs website. :)

Creative Commons and Public Domain work

Having access to free graphics, music, and more is important for creativity - especially for those still learning to make games, websites, movies, and whatever else. Here you will find collections of free-to-use, either Public Domain or Creative Commons-Attribution licensed works that various people have contributed to this website. :)


To be re-implemented :)


Be Creative, Be Kind

Moosader is various things and has evolved much over the years, it can be a little hard to describe what "it" is.

Rachel Wil Sha Singh (originally Rachel Morris) first went by Moosader as their screen name to post projects under, but now Moosader refers to just... this "company" - this sole proprietorship.

It is still primarily Rachel working on projects solo, but occasionally taking on mentees or interns to teach them how to make games or other creative works.

Moosader isn't specifically an indie game development studio, however: Rachel also works on tutorials/lessons/courses (as well as teaches Computer Science coursework at a local college), they write zines and comics, and try to provide whatever resources others may need to learn, grow, and be creative themselves.

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