Moosader was renamed to Moosadee (pronounced "Moose-a-dee") in 2020.

Moosadee was informally created probably around 2008 as a name for Rachel to publish games under. It was officially established as Moosader LLC in 2015 (I think, I could look it up but I don't feel like it).

Beyond just video games, other creative works are now also published under the Moosader name, including zines (magazines), comics, videos, and music.

Contact: Rachel@Moosader.com

Moosadee/Moosader Community

Over the years, the Moose community has taken various forms.

Chat channels

The community has also established itself on IRC and Discord. The IRC channel is still largely programmers, and the Discord server has channels for gamedev, programming, AND constructed languages.

Defunct freenode channel (RIP)

#Moosader was originally established on the Freenode server on "Oct 02 23:45:25 2010" but was moved in 2021 due to the Freenode acquisition.

Defunct message board (RIP)

There were the message boards that were home to game development competitions, discussions, and more, though now unused.

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

(Known as "R.W." at work, "Moose" to friends)

Rachel is a human that was born in Washington state but whose family relocated 'em to Raytown, MO when Rachel was around 11, and they've lived on the Kansas side since age 22 or so.

Rachel got an associates degree in CompSci from Longview Community College and a bachelors degree in the same from UMKC and has worked in the KC Metro Area as a software/web developer, indie game developer, and CompSci teacher.

Rachel has been infatuated with computers since they were a little kiddo and began programming (though definitely not very well) with BASIC at 10, Visual Basic at 12, and eventually C++ at 14.

Rachel currently has a love/hate relationship with computers.

Rachelly Links