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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:20 pm 
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This is for me to keep information that will stay pretty much the same throughout competitions.
I'm going to keep it locked; this is just for me to post in. ;P If you have questions, post elseware.

Competition Rules

Please - no gratuitous shock content
It can be violent or have adult themes, but be tasteful. (Tasteful gore? Hmm.) Yes, it's a difficult thing to define, most of us will probably be OK. :P
So, y'know, let's not make any games like "Rape Simulator!" or "Child Serial Killer!"

I don't want Moosader to be associated with extremely offensive content. Games often have violence, that's OK. It's really hard to define this. >_> Use good judgement.

You must post screenshots to your game thread!
Post at least one, but try to post several screenshots of your game! This helps me out from a web-dev perspective!

Q: How do I enter?
A: You have to be a member of the board; Register and then post in the Introduction Forum to get activated.

From there, post a thread to this forum. Make sure to prefix the thread title with [Entry]. If you drop out, please use the suffix [Dropout]. Once the entry is completed, please prefix with [Completed] and add a download link to the first post in your entry's thread. (If you don't have a place to host, I can host for you).

The thread title can be whatever- generally, people post the game title once they figure it out.

Q: What is the prize for winning?
A: You get marked as the winner on the competition website! I know, exciting, right? You also get a custom forum badge (rank).

Q: How is the winner decided?
A: Once the competition is over, everybody posts links to download their games. Any board member can vote for any finished entry (sometimes 1 or more votes per person), but we ask that if you are going to vote, you give every game a fair shake first.

Q: What do I need to submit to be able to be voted on?
A: You need to provide at least your game's binaries. Most of our members are Windows and Linux users, and some are Linux exclusive. It's up to you to decide what to provide binaries for, if someone can't play your game, you'll simply not get a vote from them.

If you'd like to make your game Open Source and link to a repo, that's great, but not required. We'd still like to see some binaries, at least for Windows users. :)

Q: What am I allowed to make my game with?
A: Anything you like. You can use C++, C#, GameMaker, MMF, Flash, etc. So long as people can play your game to vote for it. It can even be a game mod, so long as it stands up as an original game, not just a re-skinning.

Q: What are the team limits?
A: You can work alone, or be on a team. We don't really have any hard limits on how many people can be in a team, since there usually aren't more than 3 for a competition game. If you feel like hiring 100 college students to produce your game, fine. It'll be interesting.

Q: How many games can I submit during a competition?
You can only be on one team and only submit one game per competition.

Q: What can I do before the competition starts?
A: You can work on your game engine, planning, design, art, etc. Pretty much anything but actual game-specific code.

You can also work on "Prototype" code ahead of time. For example, writing and testing out algorithms in programs. That's fine, but it can't really be actual game code.

Q: I can't get art/music!
A: Please use original or appropriately licensed assets for your game; do not rip sprites and music from a game like Mario. If you need assets, you can check out OpenArt or OpenGameArt, or try to find a board artist to help you out.

Please don't make games with other IPs, also. It is OK if you're world/character are blatant ripoffs, but no Sonic the Hedgehog fangames.

Q: I want to make a Minecraft clone or a game with Zombies.
A: That's not a question.

Also, if you really really have to, try to make it interesting and unique in some way. Even if you rename Zombies to "BrainSaders".

Q: By participating do you automatically own my game?
A: Fuck no. You own your own work, can license it how you wish, etc. etc.

Thread Prefixes
Please add a prefix to your thread to classify it and help it stand out.

[Entry] - For Work-in-Progress entries
[Dropout] - For if you decide to not finish for this competition
[Completed] - For when your game is done and posted. Only Completed games will be voted on.

Even if you didn't get all the features you wanted in by the competition end and just have a rough demo, go ahead and post as completed. These are all relatively small games, if it's fun and complete enough you might get some votes!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:21 pm 
Site Admin
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Entry Submission Information
What you need to post with your entry - will help me extraordinarily! This information will also be on the official competition page.

Please include these items on the first post of your game's thread:
  • Game Title
  • Description of game
  • Tools used in development
  • List of links (Thread page, game homepage, team homepage, etc.)
  • List of teammates - Name, Handle, Role
  • List of Media - Screenshots or YouTube videos (Please have at least one screenshot!)
  • List of Downloads - Where to get your game, I can host if need-be.

So yes, keep this in mind in your final thread post. I'd like to have a lot more data on the competition pages, and hopefully it will make all your games more appealing than just a title and screenshot would.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:28 pm 
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Joined: Wed May 14, 2008 4:43 am
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Location: Kansas City
Need a Host?

Whether you're hosting your game elseware or need to host it for you, will ALSO provide a mirror in order to ensure that people in the future can still play your games, even if your rapidshare link dies or you close your site, etc.

Your game will also be included in the competition's overarching "Download All for Windows"/other OS zips. Providing as many different platforms as possible ensures that everybody will play your game!

Distributing your Game...

This is a request, and I know not everybody is going to follow it, but:

Please have a game folder and zip that folder, not the internal contents.
(ie, when a user unzips, I want them to have the folder placed in the location, not all of the contents).

Please give your folder a meaningful title, such as the game's title
"mygame" isn't a great name for the folder.

Include a readme!!
Your readme should include the game's title, the credits for the game, relevant links to webpage or blog, and How to Play!

Android apps by Moosader! - Open Source projects -

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