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The hub of the game, and where much of the game's story will unfold before you head into the field with a group of players, is called Anthem Items. An ornate, almost Roman-esque sci-fi city, Tarsis is where you will meet NPCs and make decisions on how the story will proceed. Bioware has said that you will be able to influence the story, but your actions will not lock off any missions as it wants every player to have access to all content within the game.

While your choices in dialogue might not have that kind of impact, you will be able to influence your relationships with the many NPCs that live within Tarsis city. Though you will not be able to romance any of them sadly, that Bioware staple infamously not present in Anthem.While you can, of course, customise your character in Anthem, it is your Javelin exosuit that will be getting the most care and attention as the game goes on. The fully customisable power armour will come with different individual parts, with you able to adjust shaders on each.

The cosmetic customisation of the Javelins go beyond what you might expect in a game of this type and is probably where the microtransactions will feature in Anthem, with EA not ready to reveal how exactly it will all work.In terms of their workings, Javelins all come with a jetpack that will allow you to speed across environments and reach higher ground. There are four classes which, like Destiny, seem to be a mix of sci-fi grunt and fantasy based tropes. Each comes with its own ultimate ability.

The Ranger is your all-rounder, complete with a multi-target missile battery attack. The Colossus, as the name suggests, is your powerful tank class that packs a shield, mortar and whose ultimate ability is a ruddy great cannon. Storm is a hovering, mage-like class, which focusses more on team buffs and elemental attacks from the peripheries of the battle. Its ultimate is an elemental storm of fire and ice. Interceptor, meanwhile, is your speed-based class with its melee-base Assassin's Blades ultimate. The latter should please those Destiny Hunter players looking to try something new.

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