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Pickin' Open Sticks to-do
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Author:  Rachel [ Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Pickin' Open Sticks to-do

Tentative to-do for PoS:
  • Remove UI code from project (move actual files elseware, just for backup, or zip or something, just unlink from project).
  • Remove Singleton references
  • Move files into appropriate namespaces
  • Rehookup project to make sure it still compiles & runs
  • Optimize drawing code if needed

Release v1.0 checklist... what is required to release the first version of PoS:
  • Grass background
  • Player sprite
  • Sticks that can be picked up and respawn when grabbed
  • Score counter / Rank display
  • Appropriate collision on edges of screen
  • Readme file
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac binaries

Ideally, we should only implement what we need in order to release v1.0. After that, we can re-visit what we'd like to add, and make a new list for updates.

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