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PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 4:46 am 
Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon

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In this article, I want to share with you the four primary Vertical Jump Training Review methods, or footwork patterns, that Ninpo-taijutsu (the Ninja's armed and unarmed self defense system) teaches for successfully avoiding and dealing with an assailant's incoming attacks. These footwork methods are introduced to beginning level students as options, and then each is explored in much greater depth as you progress towards the Black Belt levels, and toward eventual Mastery of the art of Ninjutsu. Of course, not every method is the best answer for every given situation. And that's really where the Ninja's self defense art shines - in recognizing that there are different types of attacks, and therefor different "best" answers for handing each "type."

And, just as there are different types of attacks, there are also different emotional states that can come up within ourselves as we are forced to deal with different attacker mindsets and personality types. Where one person and situation might have us holding our ground with firm confidence, a different attacker and circumstance might have us pulling away, defensively as we try to increase the time and space between ourselves and our attacker - while at the same time covering and protecting our exposed targets.

This recognition of the different variables that can arise in a self-defense situation has, over the centuries, created a unique situation within the martial arts world, where the past masters of the art of ninjutsu have passed down not style, but strategies - each giving the ninja student another option for successfully surviving a dangerous situation with the least amount of energy necessary.

Slight shifts of the feet, coupled with a dropping of the knees to stabilize the body and jam the incoming attack. This is NOT the same blocking or so-called "horse" stance positioning of certain karate styles, but rather a calm, commanding ability to use proper positioning and posturing of the body and its limbs to crush the incoming attack altogether. In fact, instead of always using a stylized, forearm block against the incoming limb, the Ninja's method allows for the use of any body weapon - even the body itself - to be used to counter-attack or jam the incoming attack!

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