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Based in Kansas City, KS

Release date:
17 June, 2018

PC / Mac / Linux / Android
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Elyse and her chihuahua Francis are taking part in Kansas' largest dog show this year, but something isn't quite right. As you get ready for the dog show yourself, you can reach out to the other dogs and dog owners to help out with the strange occurrences or take advantage of the situation. Oh, and did I mention that the dogs talk?


This is Rose Morris' first game EVER! As a 2018 Moosader intern, she has learned how to use RenPy and has applied her art skills to making her first visual novel!


  • Cute art and dialog!
  • Short game - can finish in a half hour!
  • Four silly endings!


Release trailer (June 2018) YouTube


Screenshot at 2018-06-13 01-48-55.png
Screenshot at 2018-06-13 01-49-13.png
Screenshot at 2018-06-13 01-49-24.png
Screenshot at 2018-06-13 01-49-50.png
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Release Blog Post
Announcing the release of Panic! at the Dog Show! moosader.itch.io.

About Moosader LLC

Moosader is all about being creative, being supportive, and being kind. We teach people how to program and make games, and try to provide resources to enable anyone to pursue that passion. We also like to make games and apps ourselves - for learning new skills, taking part in engaging stories, or just having a bit of fun.

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More information on Moosader LLC, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Panic! at the Dog Show Credits

Rose Morris
Game Designer, Coding, Character Art

Rachel Singh
Mentor, Background Artist, GUI Designer, Polisher-of-games

Kevin MacLeod
Royalty free music

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks